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The Human Condition III: A Soldiers Prayer (1961)

IMDB Ocena 8.8/10

Godina: 1961

Trajanje: 190 min.

Žanr: Drama History War

The Japanese troops are defeated by the Soviets and Kaji heads with three survivors to South Manchurian expecting to meet his wife. Along their crossing through the enemy line in the Manchurian land, other Japanese survivors join Kaji's group, but they need to fight against the Chinese militias and the Soviets. When they reach a Japanese village with women and one old man, a militia arrives in the place and Kaji and his men surrender to the Soviet to spare the women. The POWs are sent to a labor work camp and Kaji sees no difference between the treatment of the Japanese fascists and the Soviet communists, in which principles Kaji believed. He decides to escape from the camp to meet his beloved Michiko again.