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Seven Samurai (1954)

IMDB Ocena 8.6/10

Godina: 1954

Trajanje: 207 min.

Žanr: Action Adventure Drama

Fed up with the annual hit-and-run raids by a marauding gang of ferocious bandits, the peaceful farmers of a small sixteenth-century Japanese community summon up the courage to take matters into their own hands, dispatching the hot-headed villager, Rikichi, to bring help. When the farmer returns to the village, seven battle-scarred ronin become the defenceless hamlet's new protectors, entrusted with the challenging task of teaching the inexperienced peasants how to fight, in exchange for a handful of rice and lodging. Undoubtedly, before the imminent attack of the mounted plunderers, the odds are stacked up against the farmers and their defenders; however, both have sworn to fight like lions for their freedom. Can the Seven Samurai pull off a surprise victory?