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Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

IMDB Ocena 8.5/10

Godina: 1968

Trajanje: 165 min.

Žanr: Action History Romance Western

Nestled deep in the middle of nowhere, suddenly Irishman Brett McBain's dusty settlement, the Sweetwater, becomes a pole of attraction for beautiful widows in black and notorious desperadoes alike. As Frank, the unscrupulous gun-for-hire, tries every trick in the book to fulfill the aspiration of his terminally ill boss, railroad magnate Morton, another visitor, Harmonica, the taciturn stranger with the lighting-fast right hand, enters the picture. Now, greed and ambition put everyone's already fragile allegiances to the test, as hidden personal agendas seem to rule them all. However, the past always comes back to haunt us. Can there be redemption in revenge?