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Le Trou (1960)

IMDB Ocena 8.5/10

Godina: 1960

Trajanje: 131 min.

Žanr: Action Crime Drama Thriller

Having nothing to lose, the hardened criminals and inmates of cell 6, Block 11, the ingenious leader, Roland; insouciant Geo; cheeky, Monseigneur, and distrustful Manu, have decided to take the calculated risk of breaking out of La Santé Prison in France. Then, just when they thought they had planned everything down to the last detail, a fifth cellmate enters the picture: Claude Gaspard, a soft-spoken, mild-mannered man charged with attempted first-degree murder. Now, as suspicion gives way to necessity, the four partners-in-crime have no other choice but to let Claude in on their secret, and knowing that there is no time to lose, they set in motion their audacious escape plan. However, the institution's thick walls are impenetrable, and the men will need unwavering, single-minded dedication to tunnel their way out. But, what if there is a traitor in their midst?