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Hara-Kiri (1962)

IMDB Ocena 8.6/10

Godina: 1962

Trajanje: 133 min.

Žanr: Action Drama History Mystery

In 1630, after a long period of peace in Japan following the end of the clans, thousand of samurais do not have masters and are living in absolute poverty. The ronin Hanshiro Tsugumo and former samurai of Lord of Geishu arrives at the house of Lord Lyi requesting a spot to commit hara-kiri (an honorable form of suicide). Tsugumo is received by Umenosuke Kawabe, who tells the story of the young samurai Motome Chijiiwa that arrived at the house also asking for a place to commit hara-kiri but expecting to receive coins instead. The warrior Hikokuro Omodaka convinces the clan to force Chijiiwa to really commit suicide using his bamboo blade as an example to other samurais that would appear using the same pretext to receive coins from the master. Tsugumo discloses that the lad Chijiiwa was his son-in-law that was forced to the situation expecting to raise some money to treat his sick wife and baby son. Further, Tsugumo had arrives in the house expecting to die not committing suicide, but revenging Chijiiwa, his daughter and his grandson.