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A Scanner Darkly (2006)

IMDB Ocena 7.0/10

Godina: 2006

Trajanje: 100 min.

Žanr: Action Animation Comedy Crime Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller

In the not too distant future in Orange County California, an undercover narcotics agent is known internally in the force only by his code name, Fred. His identity within can be kept secret as the scanning suit he dons hides his true identity. In reality, he is Bob Arctor. His assignment is to infiltrate a drug ring dealing in a hallucinogen known as Substance D, the ultimate goal to find the source of the drug. Arctor's own use of Substance D and moving within this drug world is making him lose his true identity, which includes a family life with two young daughters. As Fred, he is also assigned to monitor his own movements since one of Arctor's drug colleagues, James Barris, has come to the authorities to report Arctor's drug dealings, although Fred's superior, code named Hank, knows that Fred in his true identity is one of the people in the drug ring being monitored. But Hank and Hank's colleagues will do anything, even sacrifice Fred/Arctor, to achieve the ultimate goal of finding the source of Substance D.